2009 Cobalt 222

$39,599.00 $28,000.00

The interior of your Cobalt 222 is designed for years of service. Long a hallmark of Cobalt construction, our interiors speak of timeless good taste, a subtle elegance made possible only by hand-craftsmanship, by design that anticipates the needs and wishes of its users. Not only are the interiors beautiful, but they have been crafted with materials that will surpass expectations of endurance, and rinse and be rinsed back to the original beauty – time and time again.



The Cobalt Experience adjusts to the demands of the moment, the rewards of right here, right now. It does not happen by accident, this immediate wish-fulfillment, this seamless meeting of multiple individual needs by just one boat.

Pick your rationale. The subtle striping along a long, elegant profile maybe. Or aft, a stepped swim platform and a generous and welcoming sunpad. Amidships, the simplified design of the flattened windshield for maximized use of space. At the helm, emboldened instrumentation, clean and legible, crisp and aeronautical. Own the Cobalt 222 because of its reliability across the years, its performance every time out, its smashing good looks this immediate moment. Or own it for all the reasons important to your spouse, your parents, your children, your friends. In a week or two, the 222 will be yours and yours alone.

  • 144 fresh water hours
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