Have you seen the industry leading Cobalt Boat warranty?

Have you seen the industry leading Cobalt Boat warranty?http://southeastmarinesales.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/220_3636L-1024x680.jpg

Cobalt boat warranty keeps your protected for up to 10 years

When you buy a boat, the last thing you should worry about is having it break down and having to shell out more money to fix it. That is why when you buy a Cobalt boat from Southeast Marine, not only do you purchase the incredible quality and craftsmanship that goes into every vessel, but you also purchase an outstanding warranty. The Cobalt Boat warranty is unlike any other warranty in the industry.

First of all, the Cobalt boat warranty is transferable, so if you sell your boat to upgrade in the future, the next owner will still have a warranty in place. This really helps the boat retain value and is a great incentive to buy a pre-owned Cobalt over any other brand.
The Hull and Deck is covered by the Cobalt boat warranty for 10 years. This includes the floors, stringers, bulkheads, motor mounts, and every single deck and hull joint. A decade is a really long time, and it sure feels good knowing that the Cobalt Boat warranty covers all these parts for all that time.
Even more items are covered under this warranty for 5 years. These items include most of the parts on the engine, stern drive, intermediate housing, steering, power trim, electrical, fuel delivery, controls, instrumentation, accessories and some electronics. Also included for 5 years in the Cobalt boat warranty are non-defect failures and additional benefits that can be found here on Cobalt’s website.

In addition, the Cobalt Boat Warranty protects you from stress cracks, air voids and blisters that might occur on the gelcoat finish. And in our experience, these defects with the gelcoat finish occur very rarely. Furthermore, the warranty also covers the upholstery, canvas, and any other components manufactured by Coblat for three years.

You would be very hard pressed to find another warranty in the marine industry that is as comprehensive and as long as the Cobalt boat warranty. The reason that Cobalt can offer a warranty like this is because they make such a quality product. Come into Southeast Marine today and check out the Cobalt quality for yourself.