Blue-Wave boats are designed to run shallow, deep and in-between.

Throughout the years Blue Wave has continued to evolve it’s fishing boat offerings and improve its designed abilities while maintaining its core principals. From the original Classic and Super Tunnel design to the most recent award-winning Pure Bay Fully Liner designs, they continue to surpass customer expectations and stay ahead of the pack. In 2006 Parks Mfg Inc. relocated it’s operations to a brand new state of the art 165,000 sq ft facility in Seminole, OK so that they could expand their BW offerings and diversify.

Since launching this division they have continued to bring awesome new features and designs to this market as well. As Richard and Steven continue the traditions and principles set forth from their childhoods, we will continue to see new and innovative products coming to the market. In addition to the outstanding performance and comfort of the Pure Bay series, it was the family-friendly approach to business that convinced us at Southeast Maine to partner with the folks at Blue Wave.


Just what makes Blue Wave so great? Glad you asked!

Four Stringers running the length of the boat provide double the strength and double the bonding surface. Each boat design starts with a concept in mind of achieving specific goals for our end customers. Whether it’s specific to getting a customer into extremely shallow water or maybe trade some shallow water ability in favor of more fuel economy or top end speed, we take this concept and work toward a design to achieve these goals. We combine old fashion ingenuity with cutting edge design tools to come up with some of the most efficient and breathtaking boats on the market. We then have these computer generated designs precision cut using CNC drive multi-axis routers to ensure extremely close tolerances and match tooling. We then build our molds with special tooling resins and high strength, heat resistant resins and fiberglass and then reinforce the entire surface of the molds with steel beams to ensure each mold holds it’s exact shape during the life of the mold. So stop on by and see the Blue Wave Fishing Boat for Sale.

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Double the strength. Double the bonding surface,

From an idea to finished product, Blue-Wave prides themselves on offering the best boat and back it with the best warranties. When you look at our boats we want you to see the best designs, materials, and craftsmanship available and have confidence that we don’t cut corners anywhere throughout the process.

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